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Made for my friend, When folks saw this little Owl everyone wanted one. And just like my friend she will be made especially for you with love!


Made from high-quality Felt (can be made with other types of fabric, by request only! Shoot me a message! No silk please) Also, do you have a favorite shirt that you can no longer wear? They can be made out of your favorite no longer wearable clothes or other loved cloth! (Message me and I'll give you  more details)


Each owl is an original piece of work! The pattern is of my own design and making. 
Felt owls are hand-stitched! All have button eyes. Therefore he should be reserved for older children. They are stuffed with Polyfill and love AND if you wish a little lavender sprinkled in (By request only. Message me!)


Because each one is Handcrafted to order you can pick your colors (message me). But for that same reason understand that there will be small differences from the picture. Because each one is hand made please allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery.


BFF Owls

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