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"Life is to Short not to do what you love."

Owner's story about how The Esoteric Garden came to be:



   I can't help myself I have to create! Friends and family kept asking "Why aren't you selling? Make a little money sell your art!" My response was always the same "I would love to, but how?" One day a friend of mine suggested Etsy. Then she pulled me aside and showed me how it works. It wasn't long until everyone in the family was involved! Now we are in business, and couldn't be happier! Our Dream is to one day earn enough to open a little shop downtown.

We try to give our customers the best. Our soap and spa items are full of wonderful natural and safe skin softeners. However, I realize some may have allergies, so since I make my own, I can make a custom soap and spa products that omit the ingredient that you or loved one may be allergic to at no extra charge. Most ingredients are listed on the product page. However, if not, I offer a list of ingredients to those who request.

We are Family owned and operated! 


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